Saving to meet your goals is always recommended. Whether it is the initial fee to buy a home, a trip, master’s studies, among others, saving is a healthy habit to maintain control of finances and fulfill dreams without ending in debt.

That does not mean that loans or credit cards are bad, simply that, it is always advisable to save in order to be prepared and assume some expenses on your own, without borrowing.

Within savings, there is a very important aspect that must still be worked on in Colombia:

Saving in the financial sector

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Many people are governed by a budget and manage to keep a monthly amount, but they have it at home, in some secret corner and ignore the disadvantages that this practice brings. The recommendation of the experts is that they begin to save formally, joining the financial sector, and these are three advantages of doing so:

1. Eliminate the risks 

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Crime and disasters are just two reasons why saving at home represents a risk. If someone starts to steal or if a fire or natural disaster affects your home, they will lose their savings and the effort they demanded to put them together.

2. Help your money grow 

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As time goes by, prices increase, which means your money. If before you need a certain amount to buy a piece of bread, as the years go by, that amount is no longer sufficient. The only way to avoid it is to grow your savings, and keeping them at home is not possible. Through a savings account, the bank you choose will pay you monthly interest for trusting your money. Each bank has different rates and although they are not so high, in the long run, they represent a difference.

3. Make more amenities 

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If you need to use the money, carrying it in your wallet is not comfortable, unlike using a card, which is granted when you open a savings account.

If you don’t have a goal in mind, you can start by requesting a savings account from the entity that suits you; If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is to save for a home, the option of programmed savings is a very viable alternative for your case.

To compare the options available in savings accounts and find out which are the ones that pay you the most interest, use the Miranda savings comparator.